1887 St Joseph Church        1900 St Joseph Church
Saint Joseph Parish, Mayfield, Kentucky History 1887-Present
On Tuesday, 19 April 1887, the first Saint Joseph Church was dedicated.  It was built on land purchased for $125.  Our present church (the second structure) is on the same land. 
Father Lawrence Ford, a priest of the Diocese of Louisville, was our first pastor (1887-1889). He was a circuit riding priest, and celebrated Mass one weekday a month in the parish church.
Several priests served as pastor in short succession: Father Thomas A. York (1889-1892).  Father George Weiss (1892-1893), and Father William King (1893-1897).  During this time Mass still was celebrated just once a month, but now on Sunday.
During his pastorate in the 1890’s, Father King established a school, hiring Miss Mary Hackett as its first teacher. 
Father L. E. Clements (1898-1902) continued the school with twenty-five students, both Catholic and non-Catholic.  Mrs. Ella Curtsinger was the teacher.
Saint Joseph Catholic Church grew during these early years.  There were many celebrations of the Holy Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Matrimony.
There were also many funerals. At first burials were in Fancy Farm, but then a plot of ground was donated by J. R. Blanford. 
Near the turn of the century, the church added both a choir loft and a bell tower.  The bell first rang on Easter Sunday of 1900. It was transferred to the second church and is still in use on special feast days.
Father George Cone (1902-1903) was pastor for a short stay. Father P.J. McNeil (1903-1909) built the first rectory, added new pews and concrete walks.
Finally, a pastor who was able to serve for a number of years, Father Anthony O’Sullivan (1909-1926), loved the parish and only left due to illness. He established a Boy Scout troop in the parish that provided a great deal of activity within the parish.
Father Louis Millard (1926-1932) began the celebration of daily Mass in the parish.    
Father J.H. Luckett (1932-1937) bought the property east of the church in 1934, and the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph began the first Sister’s School.
On 9 December 1937, Pope Pius XI, created the Diocese of Owensboro Kentucky, with a priest of the Diocese of Louisville as our Bishop Francis R Cotton.
Father Joseph Saffer (1937-1949) began construction the present church building in 1937, doing much of the manual labor and craftsmanship himself; it was consecrated and dedicated on 4 May 1938, the first in the new diocese.
Father Leo. J. Dienes (1949-1957) built a new school, completing it in 1951. The Ursuline Sisters lived on the third floor.      
Father Clarence Pettit (1957-1963) served the faithful of the parish.
Father Aloysius F. Powers (1963-1969) supervised the construction of the current rectory in 1964.      
Father Francis Mastrovito, a Third Order Regular Franciscan from Pennsylvania, (1969-1983), He was responsible for adding the beautiful Trinity mosaic behind the altar, the wooden artwork of the Lord’s Baptism and the Holy Family at the side altars in the early 1970’s. In the early 1980’s he added the beautiful stained glass windows depicting the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary. His devotion to St. Francis is still seen in the choir loft’s window.  During Father Mastrovito’s tenure, the church extended the children’s playground and dismantled the former church building. In its place, we built the current Parish Center.      
Father John Speaks (1983-1987).
Once again in our history, several priests served in rapid succession: Father Peter Chiodo of the Precious Blood Order (1987-1988); Father Henry Cecil (1988-1989); and Father B.J. Hagman, (January-June, 1990).      
Father Patrick Bittel (1990-1996).
Father Ray Clark (1996-2001) served in both English and Spanish. He bought the buildings east of the rectory, those which housed the offices for the Hispanic Ministry, the Learning Center and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.      
Father Tony Jones (June 2001- January 2006), served the English speaking community, while priests were brought in from outside to minister to the Hispanics.  He instituted a reorganization of the St. Vincent de Paul Society for the needy and the Social Justice Committee. He oversaw the renovation of the church. On Thanksgiving Day 2004, Mass was offered for the first time in our newly renovated Church and in August 2005, Owensboro Diocese Bishop McRaith dedicated our new altar and lectern.
Father Ken Mikulcik (January 2006 – June 2011) served in both English and Spanish
In 2009 St. Joseph School celebrated its 75th year.
Father Eric Riley (2011-present) returned to his home parish as the parish priest serving in both the English and Spanish languages.
2012 brought us to our 125th anniversary.  It was a great celebration of Faith and family.  Father Ben Luther preached the homily and Father David Koonce, LC, was able to join with us from his assignment in Rome.  With Father Riley all three of the priests baptized in our parish were able to concelebrate the Holy Mass.  We were also graced to be joined by Sister Louise Johnson, OSU, Sister Teresa Riley, OSU, and Sister Mariana Koonce, RSM, the three living religious sisters baptized in our parish.
In these many years we have celebrated the Holy Sacraments and surrounded the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Heart of Jesus in Mayfield. By the grace of God we have weathered many storms and continue to grow in Faith, Hope and Charity.
Sadly, Saint Joseph School was closed in May of 2012 due to a lack of sufficient enrollment for the upcoming year; education in the Holy Catholic Faith, however, for children, youth and adults continues to be a top priority at Saint Joseph Parish.
Here at St. Joseph Parish, we honor our history and continue the tradition, celebrating the wondrous mystery of God in our lives.     
As we celebrated the Jubilee Year of Mercy, 2016, we asked our Lord to bless our families and our Parish as we continue to grow in Faith, Hope, and Charity through the intercession or our dear Blessed Mother and our dear Patron Saint Joseph.
On 7 October 2018, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, our parish joined with many Catholics across the country to pray for the sanctification of our Church and the healing of our Nation.  It is our hope that the 54 Day Rosary Novena and Fridays of abstinence, fasting, prayer and almsgiving will help to restore us in the Spirit of authentic Evangelization.