UPDATED 7/01/20
Attendance at Holy Mass
On Saturday 4 July we will return to having all the readings at the Masses. There will still be no singing.
All are still be required to wear masks to enter the Mass. Social distancing will still be in force. Thank you to all who are doing your part to make everyone’s life easier during this frustrating time. Thank you also to those who are faithfully attending Mass and to all who continue to support the Parish financially and spiritually. If you are truly homebound — not getting out except for doctor appointments– Deacon Clapp willl be available to safely bring Holy Communion to your home. You may leave a message for him at the Parish Office and he will contact you to schedule a time.
The virus is not going to go away. From what I can tell, the way we are following guidelines about sanitizing the building between Masses, social distancing, masks, limiting the amount of time we are together in the building and extra respiration by not singing, etc., if you are getting out to go to the grocery or other places, then there is no reason that you cannot come to church unless you are ill. God bless.
I am sorry for the inconveniences. 
Thank you to all who are striving to be cooperative and are trying to make the best out of this difficult time.
To be succinct the guidelines are:
Everyone must wear a mask.
Everyone must use hand sanitizer.
Chairs are not to be moved or grouped together.
Fill the gym chairs before the parish center chairs.
Bathrooms are for emergency use only.
Due to limited capacity, we cannot accommodate guests at this time.
Doors open 15 minutes before Mass and lock at Mass time or capacity of 95.
Use Parish Center door to enter/exit Masses
Those who are at risk of infection due to age and/or weakened immunity are encouraged to continue to pray at home and, if possible, to avail themselves to participation in the Holy Mass via media opportunities.
Out of charity toward others, those who are ill, fever, cough, etc., within the past 24 hours or who have been with others who are ill, have been ill and have not yet finished quarantine, should refrain from returning to Mass at this time.
Thank you for your patience and for practicing your Faith.
Livestream Masses from Saint Joseph Parish  will continue to be offered for the homebound at 5, 8, 1030.
Readings for Holy Mass
Sacrament of Penance & Reconciliation
Confessions are heard on the parking lot on Saturdays at Noon (I will not wait around if no one is there).  For those who are homebound due to the pandemic Bishop Medley continues to encourage you to examine your conscience at home and make a perfect Act of Contrition.   
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Our Sympathy & Prayers are extended to Norma Erwin and Carol Canter and their families in the passing of their sister, Betty Hayden, to the judgement seat of the Almighty God.  Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.  May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.
Click Intentions/Intenciones at the top of the page to submit the names or initials of people  you would like to add to the Parish Book of Intentions to be remembered at Parish Masses.
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If you are elderly or ill and need groceries or medicine call or text Fr Riley’s cell phone and I will try to get the help you need.
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Thank you to all who have continued to be good stewards with your tithe to the Parish.  Ways To Give « YMCA Camp Hanes: North Carolina Summer Camp near ...For those who wish to give your financial tithe online, this is our secure link.
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I ask you to join me in the
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You should also join us by making the Daily Offering to the
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Mass Intentions — CORPUS CHRISTI
24  James “Bub” Hayden
25  Nancy Bisto
26  Robert Elliott
27  Dowdy/Shoemaker Families
28 Jokey Elliott; Leon & Mary Toon; The Faithful
01  Fr Riley & Family L&D
02 Reserved Intention  03  Reserved Intention
04  Reserved Intention
05  Leonard Barron Sr; Beverly Conyers; The Faithful
06  Reserved Intention  07 Reserved Intention
08  Irene Burgess
09  Nori Hawn
10  Ann Hayden
11  Tommy Cash
12  Reserved Intention; B & J Youngblood; The Faithful
13  Reserved Intention  14   Reserved Intention
15  Janie Oliver
16  Clayton & Earlene Hayden
17  Dowdy/Shoemaker Families
18  James “Bub” Hayden
19  Milton Hicks; Reserved Intention; The Faithful
20  Reserved Intention; 21 Reserved Intention
22  James “Bub” Hayden
23  Nancy Bisto
24  Robert Elliott
25  Ed Lynn Cash
26  William A Toon; Reserved Intention; The Faithful
27  Reserved Intention 28 Reserved Intention
29  Paul Langston
30  Joe Miller
31  LP
01 Mary Jo Wyatt
02  Michael Sheets; Beverly Conyers; The Faithful
03  Reserved Intention 04 Reserved Intention
05  Janice Oliver
06  Fr Al Powers
07  Jimmy Toon
08  Nick Hauser
09  Nori Hawn; B & J Youngblood; The Faithful
10  Reserved Intention  11 Reserved Intention
12  LP
13  Clayton & Earlene Hayden
14  JRS
15  Irene Burgess
16  Ann Hayden; Milton Hicks; The Faithful
17  Reserved Intention  18  Reserved Intention
19  James “Bub”  Hayden
20  Nancy Bisto
21  Bobby Toon
22  Scott Clapp
23  Reserved Intention; Leon & Mary Toon; The Faithful
24 Reserved Intention 25 Reserved Intention
26  LP
27  Ed Lynn Cash
28  Dowdy/Shoemaker Families
29  Robert Hayden
30  Reserved Intention; Robert Elliott; The Faithful
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